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T.H.Walker Productions
     Our mission at T.H. Walker Productions is to develop and produce independent films and documentaries that matter. Our company has two divisions,Faith based along with Secular programing. We are dedicated to helping people realize their own potential and power through the art of storytelling, while remaining entertaining.  

T.H.Walker Productions
       "A Wise Fool"
      A Documentary
A documentary examining the true events where four teens made a calculated choice to bury a couple alive. Death row inmate "Michael Jackson" shares the premeditated details of this heinous crime.The twist at the end may challenge everything you believe. 

        A New Documentary!!!
     A Dance between two worlds!

A dramatic documentary that explores the tragic story of Ashley Toye, then 17 , sentenced to life in prison for her part in the torture and murder of two Florida teens.
                A DOCUMENTARY 
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Other Documentaries to watch
    Can predictions shared hundreds of years in advance be simply a Coincidence? This Documentary will examine unbelievable, but true stories that are extremely perplexing and mysterious. How can you put these puzzle pieces together?
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